Nat and his proud Mom, Jen at a 2019 Youth Futures event.

Big opportunities await

Big opportunities await Nat and his family with support from the Youth Futures Education Fund.

Nathaniel, who goes simply by Nat, was born, grew up and lives in Vancouver. He was raised by a single mother who suffered from mental-illness. Faced with discrimination, poverty, and pain, Nat’s mom sacrificed so he could be where he is today – pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of British Columbia.

“I never forget the true love behind her actions even when our lives face difficulties,” Nat says. Several years ago, he had to deal with his mother’s abrupt hospitalization. This event led to Nat being placed in government care.

An unstable upbringing and the constant strain of financial struggle left Nat unsure about his future. But thanks to support from his mom, the Tuition Waiver program and the Youth Futures Education Fund, which provides vital financial assistance for basic living expenses, he is now completing his Honours History studies and looking forward to choosing one of a number of career paths.

“For me, the Fund allows me to explore my interests and pursue my academic goals,” Nat says. With the help of the Fund, his future is wide open.

“I would love to go to law school. I would love to teach. I would love to own my own business but, regardless of the path I take, I want to give my mother and myself a stable life.”

Support from YFEF has not only given Nat access to educational opportunities. It is helping him not only pursue career ambitions, but strong and balanced family life.

“I have the utmost faith in myself that I will provide not only a brighter future for myself but for my mother too,” Nat says. “The help I have received [the Youth Futures Education Fund] has been vital to my success and I am forever grateful.”

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